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Adobe selects Signifyd to provide industry-leading fraud protection to Adobe Commerce customers

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“The State of Fraud 2023” report

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The news today that Adobe has selected Signifyd as the only Platinum Partner solution to offer complete and guaranteed fraud protection to merchants operating on its Experience Cloud platform is about more than superior fraud prevention for online brands.

The strategic partnership also marks a resounding reminder that the future of retail is digital and that the key to the future success of digital retail is providing the highest quality experiences — from discovery though payments and beyond. 

“We have long admired Adobe Commerce’s commitment to providing exceptional customer experience in the online world,” Signifyd Chief Business Officer Indy Guha said in the company’s formal announcement of its new Adobe Technology Partner Platinum status. “As an Adobe Platinum Partner providing commerce protection, Signifyd can now amplify those customer experience efforts by providing unparalleled fraud and abuse protection along with proven conversion uplift.” 

Digital transformation has another chapter to go

It will come as a shock to no one that merchants are feverishly working to build better and more innovative experiences for the customers they have and hope to attract. Digital transformation and seamless customer experience have been rallying cries for ecommerce merchants for years — maybe since the dawn of ecommerce. 

But post-pandemic retail is entering a new era. Think of it as Digital Transformation 2.0, a muscular move to aggressively apply technology in general and AI in particular to all aspects of the buying journey, from discovery, to site experience, to checkout, to fulfillment, to post-purchase customer support. 

Adobe is the world leader in digital experience

And there is no reason Adobe and Signifyd wouldn’t be at the center of that transformation. Adobe has long been acknowledged as the world’s leader in digital experience and virtually invented the digital experience platform. While such claims are always open to debate, there is no doubt that Adobe was a digital experience pioneer when it launched its Experience Cloud more than a decade ago.

At about the same time, Signifyd was pioneering the concept of guaranteed fraud protection — a new form of fraud prevention that opened up seamless checkout by eliminating the fear of fraud among merchants and giving them the confidence to approve more orders more quickly.

It would be unfair to say that up until now “digital transformation” has been more talk than action. But up until now a preponderance of what was being transformed focused on marketing and merchandising, fulfillment and inventory management — all operational aspects worthy of transformation.

Forward-focused C-suites understand the payment layer is a crucial extension of customer experience

But now that some of those flashier elements have been transformed and primarily require periodic updating rather than overhaul, it’s time for brands to dig into core aspects of the customer journey that they might have neglected as the prominence of online commerce raced ahead. 

The elevation of Signifyd to an Adobe Platinum Partner is clear evidence that the C-suite understands and is focused on the payment layer as a crucial juncture in the buyer journey and one that translates into revenue, customer loyalty and lifetime value.
Successful retail leaders understand that payments is the point at which all the investment in digital experience needs to be converted into revenue and customer loyalty.

They know they can’t afford to turn away good orders, which results in turning away good customers — perhaps for life. They know that orders often need to be delivered in two days or same-day or within hours. That doesn’t happen without machine learning models instantly sorting fraudulent from legitimate orders and further order automation.

Successful merchants build excellent customer experience from start to finish

For instance, Sue Beckett, senior vice president of digital marketing and ecommerce at Lovesac, emphasized the importance of building an excellent customer experience from start to finish when it comes to building loyalty and customer lifetime value. 

“We set out to build an online experience that matched the innovative heritage and premium feel of our versatile product lines while putting consumers’ needs at the center of it all,” said Beckett, Lovesac senior vice president of digital marketing and ecommerce. “Adobe Commerce provides the powerful platform and partnership ecosystem to do that. Add to that Signifyd’s precision commerce protection — which speeds up fulfillment and ensures that good orders are not turned away — and we are able to provide Lovesac customers with the experience they deserve and one that will keep them coming back.”

The Signifyd/Adobe strategic partnership is indicative of the kind of forward-focused commerce strategy increasingly being embraced by online merchants. Brands rely on robust ecommerce platforms that offer a stable of partners comprising the category leaders in specific retail functions. Together the platform and those partners allow merchants to build a flawless experience through the entire course of the buying journey

The Adobe-Signifyd combination is a win for merchants and consumers

“Adobe is dedicated to assembling a partner ecosystem that is second to none,” Justin Merickle, Adobe Experience Cloud vice president of business development, said in today’s announcement. “Signifyd offers our customers the leading commerce protection platform and its laser focus on providing peerless customer experience while maximizing brands’ revenue.” 

Together Adobe, which is a recognized leader in providing digital experiences, and Signifyd, the leading commerce protection provider and one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the artificial intelligence space, provide brands with the solutions they need to delight customers.

The two companies have for years been innovating and iterating on artificial intelligence models designed to make online and omnichannel shopping experiences more enjoyable and efficient for consumers — and more profitable for merchants. 

Gaining that competitive edge is all the more important when retailers’ margins are being squeezed by increasing fulfillment and customer acquisition costs while consumers are pulling back on spending in the face of stubborn inflation. In short: The Adobe / Signifyd combination is a partnership whose time has come. 

Looking to provide a flawless customer experience? We can help.

Mike Cassidy

Mike Cassidy

Mike is the head of storytelling at Signifyd. A former journalist and a retail geek, he covers ecommerce and the way technology is transforming digital commerce. Contact him at